Saturday, January 30, 2010

MINUSTAH -- The U.N. in Haiti

United Nations is just that -- a joint effort of almost all the world's countries. The dedicated soldiers, police, and civilians of the U.N. were among the victims of the earthquake -- even the head of the U.N. mission there was killed. Those who survived have pushed down their personal grief to be among the first to help with rescue, relief, and recovery. Learn more at the MINUSTAH web page or the U.N. news service.

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  1. Today's (2/3/10) program on Haiti was very well organized and extremely valuable in raising important insights about how we view and analyze the world. I was very glad that the presenters talked about the social inequality within Haitian society and how the Haitain elites have for the last two centuries been maintained in their positions of wealth and power by the political, economic, and military power of the United States.
    We need to extend this insight to other parts of the world. We should not need a disaster to critically analyze a society and its outside relationships. Let us transfer that same focus on social inequality and big power control to other parts of the world - Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, and on. We can use this as an opportunity to think clearer about our world.
    Vernon Domingo