Thursday, March 11, 2010

BSC students in South Carolina helping Haiti

Diane Bell, Director of BSC's Community Service Center, just sent this message from South Carolina, about student work that will benefit people in Haiti directly. Again, we can be very proud. --JHB

Today it rained in Myrtle Beach so we were not able to build on our Habitat for Humanity home in Longs, SC.  We were able to build over 80 walls that will be sent and assembled in Haiti.  They will become shelter (small sheds) for families living in tents in Haiti.  One of the Haitian students at Coastal Carolina University said she hopes her family receives one of these "homes".  That truly touched our students.

One of our students was interviewed by the local television station and it's supposed to air tonite on Channel 23 news.  Her name is Nicole Weber.  Sharri Reddish, an RA, said "I can't wait to tell Richardson what we did today!"

I hope I can send a few photos.  I've had some problems doing so down here.  Thanks and I'll see everyone on Tuesday.  We have had an incredible trip!

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